Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Diana Corcoran's initial interest in country music involved yodelling. After finishing high school, Corcoran moved to Adelaide where she worked in three jobs (recruitment, dog food factory and car parts plant) to save enough money to make her first record (Little Bit Crazy). She became a professional musician in 2004. In that year, she toured with Adam Brand as an opening act. It was also in that year that she won her first Golden Guitar Award for New Talent of the Year.

Corcoran has been deployed on three occasions to perform for Australian troops on active duty in war zones around the world, including a tour of Afghanistan with Jenny Morris. During one such tour to the Solomon Islands in March 2007 she met Tom Hinds, an Australian soldier. Corcoran wrote the song "Come Back Home" on the album Keep Breathing for him. She has written other songs about family and childhood experiences, including her father ("If You Hear Angels"), her mother ("You'll Always Love Me More") and her hometown Parkes ("Rocky Hill"). In 2008, Corcoran won her second Golden Guitar in the highly sought-after category of Female Artist of the Year. In August, Corcoran was invited by Deborah Conway to take part in the Broad Festival project, which toured major Australian cities including performing at the Sydney Opera House. With Corcoran and Conway were Laura Jean, Liz Stringer and Elana Stone – they performed their own and each other's songs.In 2013 Corcoran released the album Love & Therapy and toured with Alleyce Simmonds on the Pure Acoustic Blonde tour. She debuted her first American album release in 2016.



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