Friday, 28 April 2017


Fearscape were a Unblack/Death Metal band from Wollongong. They signed to Rowe Productions (Mortification, Horde) and have released two albums and one EP. The band's influences included Opeth, Enslaved, My Dying Bride and Coroner. This led to an intense atmospheric sound that blended Black Metal elements with Thrash and Doom styles of Metal. Fearscape's debut album entitled Sleeping in Light was recorded in Melbourne in mid 2004 under the tutelage of legendary Australian death metaller Steve Rowe of Mortification. The album did well overseas via Melbourne distributor Soundmass, and received very solid reviews.

Fearscape played shows in Melbourne VIC, NSW, QLD and New Zealand. From 2005 onwards, Fearscape established themselves in the Sydney scene, through gigs promoted by Metal Evilution, alongside the likes of Paramaecium, Mortification, EyeFear, Lord, Head Hammer, Aeturnus Dominion, Lycanthia, Intorment Black, Kania, Forlorn Suffering and Friar Rush. In 2004 the band played at the Parachute Music Festival in New Zealand.


Matt Brown (vocals), Paul Dimitrievich (drums, vocals), Phil Bloomfield (bass, acoustic guitar), Peter Willmott (guitars), Andrew Shea (drums, 2000-06), Howard Holt (guitars), Nick Trajanovski (2000-01)



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