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Myrddraal was an Australian black metal band from Canberra, Australia. Formed in 1999 by Hellpitt and Surt, Myrddraal played old style harsh, hateful and atmospheric black metal. Autumn that year saw the release of the 'Black Construction' demo: four hymns of evil black metal. A positive response to the demo led to Hellpitt and Surt recruiting a full lineup, with which the band played a number of successful shows. After witnessing such utter carnage on stage, Bavarian label At War Records invited Myrddraal to appear on a split release with German warmonger Gernoth. 'Cold Moon Over Kaltenberg' was recorded in May 2000 and released in October the same year, receiving some very positive reviews from around the world and selling all 200 copies in just a matter of months.

At the end of 2000, Myrddraal were offered the opportunity to release their debut full length CD through the then fledgling Sydney based label Decius Productions. Released in May 2001, 'Blood On The Mountain' has received an unparalleled response from around the world, with its seamless blend of aggressive black metal, ripping thrash riffs and haunting acoustic passages. In October 2001, Myrddraal played a devastating set at Metal For The Brain. At about the same time, Myrddraal unleashed a three-track promo CD-R, 'Promo 2001', limited to only 25 copies. These tracks demonstrated Myrddraal?s excellent song writing prowess and attracted an overwhelmingly positive response from all who heard them. During 2002, Myrddraal spent some time in the studio recording two tracks that are as yet unreleased. In 2003, the band entered the studio to record their highly anticipated second full-length album, 'Falling Sky', with the assistance of The Serpent Inquisitor (Stargazer, Misery's Omen, Cauldron Black Ram) on drums. Decius Productions released 'Falling Sky' in May 2004. 


Andrew "Hellpitt" Pitt (guitar, vocals), Lord Surt (guitar, vocals), The Serpent Inquisitor (drums), B. Nancarrow (drums, 2000-02), Chris Turk (bass, 2000-02), Andrew P. (guitar, vocals, programming)



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