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Before the turn of the Millenium, on the south coast of NSW, there was a popular 'heavy rock' band well known for having a young woman with an 'astonishingly loud and powerful voice' and a guitarist with 'amazing versatility'. The band was called 'Labyrinth' and the two musicians in question were Genevieve Rodda and Anthony 'Fox' Roberts. Labyrinth eventually came to an end having recorded a number of demos and an independently released E.P. - 'Escape Reality'. Genevieve and 'Fox' as he was now commonly known, decided to pursue their shared passion for heavy music in a larger scene and Sydney seemed like a good place to find the musicians they needed for the direction they wanted to go

Under the working band title of 'Labrynthia' the duo tried various combinations of musicians with mixed success, able to get as far as recording an album's worth of songs and supporting Pegazus on their 'Breaking the Chains' tour, but the album was never released as the line-ups at that time proved too unstable. During this time they had managed to secure the services of Wayne Campbell (Mortal Sin) on drums and he shared their vision. They sought out musicians who had enough versatility to think and play 'outside of the square', and under the banner of 'Labrynthia' they added bass player (Aaron Worboys - Bane of Isildur) a young and clever musician with an interest in styles of metal ranging from 'Viking War Metal' to 'Power Metal', and a second guitarist (Lew Smith - Malice *Australia*), a predominantly 'black metal' musician, who used a 7-String guitar (slightly unusual for the time) for his lead and rhythm guitar parts. Lew also had a strong, low/death growl style of vocal which worked well with the intentions for the music they started to write.

As the music began to take shape the group knew that it was time to ditch the working title of 'Labrynthia'. This was a new beginning, and it needed a new name. Temtris! In late 2003 Temtris entered the studio with the intention of recording an E.P., but things went so well that they came out the other end with a full album, 'Theshold'. Only 500 copies were made and the CD was only available at shows. Events stalled in 2005 when Wayne Campbell was lured back to Mortal Sin for an ultimately ill-fated reformation, which included guitarist Anthony Hoffman (remember that name for later!). Aaron Worboys also decided to move on to other projects and Temtris spent a short time in limbo with a follow up second album written, but on the shelf. Eventually, in 2006, a young up-and-coming drummer (and talented tattoo artist) Tom Wallace and Gavin Swan (bass player and sky-diving instructor) signed on and Temtris got back to work. Songs were re-written and re-recorded, a deal was struck with new independent Australian heavy metal label Battlegod Productions, and in 2008 Temtris released 'Masquerade', a much darker album than it's predecessor.


Genevieve Rodda (vocals), Anthony "Fox" Roberts (guitar), Gavin Swan (bass), Llew Smith (guitar, drum programming, vocals, 2002-present), Wayne Campbell (drums), Anthony Roberts (guitar), Adam Wotherspoon (bass), Ben Hart (drums)



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