Tuesday, 4 April 2017


Mark Ferrie and guitarist Andrew Pendlebury first played together in 1976 at the Station Hotel, Prahran.They have collaborated in a number of bands and musical projects since that time including
The Slaughtermen (mid to late 1980s) In 2002 they reunited again playing around Melbourne in a two guitar duo format. In May 2003 they spent a night recording at David Roger's Vanishing Wilds recording studio and subsequently released the 'Late Night at the Nicholas Building' CD.In 2003. Mark met Adi Sappir busking in the subway at Flinders St Station. Adi had arrived in Melbourne from Israel 18 months earlier. Mark, Andrew and Adi got together to play some music. It was different and it was good.

A week later they played their first gig at the National Gallery of Victoria in Federation Square.They wrote some original songs, and learnt songs by a range of diverse songwriters such as Bob Dylan,
Jimi Hendrix, Antonio Carlos Jobim and Irving Berlin. Adi taught Mark and Andrew some Hebrew folk tunes.Mark and Andrew taught Adi some blues tunes.The Mercurials held down a regular
Wednesday night residency at the Charles St Bar, Seddon from January till December 2004. They made many new fans and became a formidable live unit.In March 2004 they were invited to appear at the Adelaide Fringe Arts Festival.

The Mercurials debut self titled CD was released in July 2005 featuring the best tracks from both the Vanishing Wilds and Thirty Mill sessions.The CD was launched at Dizzys nightclub in Swan St Richmond to a capacity crowd. The Mercurials special guest on the night was Andrew Duffield. Since their debut album the band has recorded another two albums and two EPs. 


Andrew Pendlebury (guitar) Mark Ferrie (vocals guitar) Adi Sappir (cello)



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