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Def Wish Cast were a hip hop group that asserted itself as founders of Australian hip hop, "having created something localized that was revered and is now mythologized." The group also states its hip hop credentials through its lyrics, rapping that they are "always hardcore/ ‘cos hardcore means true to the music" DJ Vame stated that being "true to the music" is shown by Def Wish Cast’s faithfulness to the "original instruments" of hip-hop: two turntables and a microphone. Originally, Def Wish Cast was composed of MCs Simon Bottle (aka Def Wish), Pablo Chiacchio (aka Die C), Paul Westgate (aka Sereck)  and featured turntablism by [DJ Vame (Shane Duggan).

In 1990 the group begun performing onstage, and in 1991 they signed a record deal with Random Records. In 1992, Def Wish Cast released a run of 500 four track vinyl EPs, Mad As A Hatter, which featured MC Def Wish's Australianised ragga style on the track "Proppa Ragga" (which later appeared on the compilation album 15.Oz Vinyl in 2004). "Proppa Ragga" was the first Australian hip hop track to receive international recognition, albeit at Norway, coming in at number 2 on its NRK's Hip Hop show (hosted by Tommy Tee). In 2012, a copy of Mad As A Hatter sold on eBay for A$540.

Def Wish Cast then went on to release one of the first full length Australian hip hop albums, Knights of the Underground Table in 1993. Only the Sound Unlimited LP A Postcard From The Edge Of The Under-Side came before it, which was released on a major label, CBS Records. Def Wish Cast then independently toured Australia, becoming the first Australian hip hop group to tour nationally. After limited commercial success, in 1995 DJ Vame moved to Melbourne, leaving the group in hiatus for almost a decade. During this period, Def Wish, Die C and Sereck pursued other interests. MC Def Wish concentrated on his band "The Quickness".

Officially re-uniting in 2002, DJ Vame was been replaced by DJ Murda One. The following year, the group released their comeback LP The Legacy Continues..., 14 years after their debut. The lead single, Allstars was additionally featured in the soundtrack of the film Bra Boys. In 2011, Knights Of The Underground Table placed 91st on Triple J's "Industry List" as part of the Triple J Hottest 100 Australian Albums of All Time, 2011 poll. The "Industry List" included some of the country's top musicians and industry experts.


Def Wish, Die C, DJ Vame, Sereck, DJ Murda One



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