Wednesday, 7 June 2017


Tourettes are an Australian heavy metal band, founded in January 2000 by Ross Empson, Michele Madden, Ashley Manning and Michael Quigley. Their style has been described as "a mixture of hardcore, nu-metal and other elements to create an apoplectic and eclectic noise." Live, the band combines performance with visual elements, which has earned them a loyal fanbase (dubbed as "SikFuks"). They have played at festivals such as Big Day Out and Wacken Open Air, as well as shows in the United States and Canada. The band provided backing vocals on the Strapping Young Lad album Alien.

During 2005 the group undertook a tour of the US, Madden described how, "I wanted to see what such a media sanitized market would do with a band like us so it was pretty cool to watch. A LOT of jaws hit the floor. Played some ace shows and I can't wait to go back and do it again." While there they recorded their album, Sicksense (October 2006), for which they used the band name, Tourettes Syndrome. For their next album they reverted to Tourettes and delivered, Treason Songs (October 2007). Thomas Nielsen of Power of Metal rated it at 89/100 and opined that "the experimentation is less evident although still present. Apart from the last three tracks, the album conveys a teeth-grinding, mean sounding Tourettes, full of spite and weltschmerz." Rockezine's Frank M assessed it at 3/10 and noticed "this is easily one of the most dreadful albums of the year. It all hinges towards death metal this time around. Of course the compulsory Swedish bits here and there are in place and furthermore they tend to really stink up the disc with some dire cliché metalcore bits." The band finished up in 2008.


Michele Madden (vocals), Ashley Manning (guitar), Ross Empson (bass), Michael Quigley (drums)



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