Tuesday, 6 March 2018


Doc Neeson, the long-time front man for The Angels, left that band in November 2001 after being involved in a car accident that had left him with chronic back and neck pain and blurred vision. By 2005, Neeson had recovered enough to re-launch his career, but with his old band carrying on without him he decided to form a new band Red Phoenix, which then began touring around Australia. Joining him on guitar was the non-executive deputy chairman of Westfield Group (and son of CEO Frank Lowy), David Lowy, with the former Angels bassist Jim Hilbun on bass, Peter Northcote on guitar, and Fab Omodei on drums. In July the EP Lonely With You was the band's first release, and in November they followed up with debut album Red Phoenix, produced by former Angels producer Terry Manning. Unfortunately, due to a relapse in Neeson's health during that same month, Red Phoenix found themselves forced to cancel all shows and not long after disbanded. Doc Neeson died in 2014 from cancer.


Doc Neeson (vocals), David Lowy (guitar), Peter Northcote (guitar), Jim Hilbun (bass), Fabrisio Omodei (drums)

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