Tuesday, 11 October 2016


The Green Hill Singers, originally from Melbourne, were signed to a 13-week contract on Dave Guard’s first Australian TV show, Jazz Meets Folk. The group’s original bassist, Chris Bonett, left in 1965 to become a member of Dave Guard’s group on Dave’s Place and was replaced by Brian Godden, although both Chris and Brian appear on this album. Years later, Chris appeared with Dave in some of his solo performances in the US. The Greenies’ album was produced in 1965 after they won the Everybody's Magazine Big New Sound competition in 1964 based on a song that Chris wrote, ''The Big Land''. This song b/w ''Twenty Long Years'' was their only single for EMI. They were the first winners of the contest and collected a prize of £250 ($500) and a contract with Festival Records. Dave Guard said in a 1964 interview that the Greenies were “a good group with a good sound” and “could go a long way now that folk music was rising in popularity”. This record turned out, however, to be the group’s first and only album. The Green Hill Singers' style of polished tight harmonies might be compared to Peter, Paul and Mary or The Brothers Four.


Chris Bonett, John McMillan, Brian Godden, Alex McMillan



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