Sunday, 3 November 2013


Heard of the Honeys? Unless you were among those who witnessed the flowering of Australian indie music in the late '80s, it's highly unlikely. The heyday of the Honeys was during that time when independent music was finding its feet. While commercial rock from the likes of 1927 and Icehouse was topping the charts, the Honeys were resident artists at pubs with sticky carpets such as Surry Hills's Evening Star or Glebe's Harold Park Hotel.

They toured the country in an old Holden HG and did not make much money from it. Originally from Perth, the band came to Sydney after being signed to Waterfront Records, run out of the back room of the Sydney retailer of the same name. (Waterfront is rich in music history. It signed Australian indie artists Ratcat, the Hard-Ons and (Tumbleweed.) Indie radio, also in its infancy, loved the Honeys' debut album, Goddess, written by Bruce Begley and Grant Shanahan and sung by Andrea Croft (left). Their rise was all-too brief. With only one album released, the Honeys disbanded; Croft, Shanahan and drummer Brett Thomson deserted Begley to start a new act called Catherine Wheel.


Andrea Croft (vocals) Brett Thomson (drums) Bruce Begley (guitar) 
Grant Shanahan (bass keyboards guitar) Michael Dalton (harmonica slide guitar)



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