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Mario Millo fronted his first band The Menu, at Mitchell High School, Blacktown, when he was 12. The Menu had Millo on guitar and vocals, Mark Friedland on drums, Vince Moult on bass guitar and Brian Nicholls on organ. The Menu won the 1969 2SM Pepsi Pop Poll or 'Battle of the Bands' held at the Sydney Stadium. As a result, they signed a contract with a Sydney agency and renamed themselves as The Clik. Friedland left the band and they added Brian Kirby and Brian Nicholl's brother John to the lineup. 

The band released a single, "La De Da / Yes Sir" on Festival Records in November 1969 and soon after in 1970 their second single, "Mary Mary / Uptight Basil" was issued. In March 1970, they were hired by Coca-Cola and, as The Fantasy, promoted orange-flavoured Fanta in a series of TV ads, "Fancy Nancy". The Fantasy toured Australia and New Zealand but disbanded in 1971. Mario Millo travelled around Europe for six months and returned to Australia in early 1972 to reform The Clik with a new line-up of Garry Adams on lead guitar, Doug Bligh on drums (both ex-Galadriel), and Phil Cogan on bass guitar. Justin McCoy replaced Adams on lead guitar, however The Clik separated in October 1973.


Mario Millo (guitar vocals), John Nicholls, Brian Kirby, Mark Friedland (drums), Vince Moult (bass) Brian Nicholls (organ) Garry Adams (guitar) Doug Bligh (drums) Phil Cogan (bass) Justin McCoy (guitar)

''La-De-Da / Yes Sir'' 1969 Festival
''Mary Mary / Uptight Basil'' 1970 Festival

'La De Da' 1970 Festival



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