Thursday, 30 March 2017


P76 formed after the demise of Melbourne-based Jerihco in April 1998, as singer Danny McDonald continued to create power pop at its finest. Initially including McDonald along with Bill Downie and Shane Samson (formerly of the Bird Tribe), the group became primarily McDonald's band with a revolving lineup. After three months, P76 performed regularly around Melbourne with Knievel and Augie March, among others. Over a year after its recording, the band's debut EP, 'Life in General', was released in 1999. At the same time, McDonald left the group on the back burner while joining Oscarlima, who acted as openers for Lit.

After touring ended, McDonald concentrated fully on P76. The debut EP received rave reviews on college airplay as well as from respected music magazines. In 2000, the band signed to Zip Records and released the 'Sunliner' EP in 2001. In July 2001, P76 returned to the studio for a quick recording of its debut full-length release, 'Into the Sun'. The album was reviewed in Rolling Stone and made several Top Ten lists. In April 2002, the album's first single, "Sleeping In," was released. The band returned to the road for most of 2002 but disbanded in the same year.


Danny McDonald (vocals,guitar) Geoff Barnes (drums) Bill Downie (bass) Mickster (drums) 
Andy Strachan (drums) Leigh Thomas (guitar)



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