Monday, 27 March 2017


Spare Change allegedly formed, at least in concept, among Adelaide ex-pats in Amsterdam. Back in Adelaide, the band coalesced in 1973 as a pre-punk powerpop unit, as much in thrall to the MC5 and the Flamin' Groovies. After a solid couple of years playing Adelaide pubs, Spare Change relocated to Melbourne in early 1975, becoming a fixture of the Carlton scene. There, the band recorded ''The Big Bea''t, penned by Murray, which was issued as a single at the tail end of 1976 (b/w Classified Ad, Champagne CHS 601). The band continued recording until March 1977 with the intention of an LP release, but broke up before that eventuated. The posthumous 'Lonely Suits' LP (Cleopatra CLP 202) was eventually released in late 1979, and included both sides of the earlier 45.


John Dowler (vocals), Chris Langman (guitar), Bob Kretschmer (guitar), Tony Murray (keyboards),  John Wilkenson (drums) Graeme Perry (drums)



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