Tuesday, 2 May 2017


Initially coming together as a side-project, the oddly-named and typeset FUgG years entertaining audiences in bad attire with their unique blend of punk, pop and generally trashy rock. Forming in 1995, Ronny van Dyk (bass/vocals), Adam Buckland (guitar/vocals), Grant Barkley (guitar/vocals), and Nathan Clark (drums), soon became local live favourites with their quick and quirky punk songs exploring common issues of male adolescence (share-housing, cars, sex, nightclubs, erections, etc...). Their outlandish live shows - which saw the members adopt fashion-blind costumes - provided a good-night-out-guarantee, making them a staple for venues and audiences.

Their comical reputation began preceding them, as they were soon invited to play alongside likemided bands further afield such as fellow cartoon punkers Nancy Vandal, Blitz Babies, and The Blurters. The band would go onto to release a split 7" with Nancy Vandal which in turn provided the opportunity for the band to tour up and down the east coast with Frenzal Rhomb.  In 1997 FUgG entered Powerhouse Studios and recorded their first EP, 'Drucked', with Russell Pilling. Self-released, 'Drucked' received decent airplay on Triple J and Triple M who both picked up ''Distortion Saved My Teenage Arse'', whilst the accompanying video was aired on Rage. The much-needed exposure enabled the band to play even further afield, venturing into the outer suburbs of Sydney, regular trips to Canberra and Newcastle, a couple of trips to Victoria and a spot at Brisbane's bi-enale and even a shows at Jindabyne.

Pete Conran (The Surprise Arm, The Radio Shack 5) joined as keyboardist soon after and with the new line-up solidified, FUgG set about recording their first full-length at Studio Arts in Mt Kembla. Released by High Beam Music - a local label better known for their stoner and garage rock releases - the resulting 'Art Brut' managed to retain the energy the band had become renowned for, but the maturity in songcraft and lyricism was immediately evident. ''I'm Psyched Tonight, Mike'' was lifted as the first single and soon became a crowd favourite with it's obvious party theme. Meanwhile van Dyk started to lend his talents to numerous side-projects, including the Archie Wah Wahs, Heliotrope, Relic and The Merchants, as well as helping out with Buckland's Dodgy World. The band's second album 'No Left Turn...Unstoned' was released in 2004 with many considering it the band's finest moment with strong, pop-oriented hooks and a clarity in production missing from previous efforts. The band finished up in 2008.


Jeroen Van Dyk (bass, vocals), Grant Barkley (guitar, vocals), Pete Conran (keyboards, vocals), Noah Hampson (guitar), Shane Jerome (drums)



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