Sunday, 2 July 2017


Trevor White was born in Essex and nearly became a plumber's mate when he left school because an uncle had a plumbing business. His school teachers wanted better things for him and he entered a law office. He had just completed his intermediate law exams when he auditioned for Sounds Incorporated, it ended his brief legal career. The English Rock'n'Roll group was top rated and visited Australia three times in three years. During the final visit in 1971 the group disbanded whilst in Perth. Trevor was planning on returning to Britain when he auditioned for the Australian production of Jesus Christ Superstar. He took the role of Jesus and was recorded for the Original Australian Cast Recording. Jesus Christ Superstar was designed by Brian Thomson and directed by Jim Sharman. White purchased a house on the North Shore of Sydney and decided to stay permanently.

The soundtrack for the Motion Picture of the Rocky Horror Picture Show was recorded without the involvement of Peter Hinwood, who played the part of Rocky in the film, basically because he couldn't sing. When Jim Sharman heard the studio singer with the film he decided to bring in Trevor White, who was performing Jesus in JCS Australia at the time to supply the onscreen vocals for Rocky. Apparently during the 80's a video version was sold in America with the stereo songs from the LP tapes spliced into the mono soundtrack. In this version Rocky's voice is supplied by the unknown voice on the record. However this was short-lived, as a new mix was made in 5.1 using the original film's vocals, and so on DVD, Blu-Ray, and film, it is Trevor White's voice that is heard as Rocky. These days Trevor White gigs with his band Route 66 on the Gold Coast appearing each month at the Surfers Paradise RSL.



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