Friday, 5 January 2018


Australian covers band who also wrote some original material. They were one of the more popular bands working in the inner city areas of Sydney during the early to mid-1980s. Their only releases were one single, and one other track included on a compilation of Sydney bands. That track was one of four demos recorded at Trackdown Studios (Sydney) in October 1985. They disbanded for a while after the single failed to make any impact, then reformed for a few shows in 1989. After many years and a line-up change, they reformed again in 2013 and were still playing together semi-regularly in early 2017.


Peter Ward (vocals), Missy Chic (vocals), Bruce Belmondo (guitar), Dave Bong (drums),
Keith Claringbold III (bass), Lesley Hammond (keyboards), and Michael Shye (guitar)
David Rowley (drums) John Sandow (keyboards) Noel Funicello (bass) Tim "Guitar" Brady (guitar) Lindy Chick (vocals), Megan O'Dooley (vocals), Wedge Donovan (drums), Nood Cobcroft (drums), Pedro Farfisa (keyboards), Russell Parkhouse (keyboards) Steve Connolly (guitar) Michael Barclay (drums) Geoff Bodgie (guitar)

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