Saturday, 10 March 2018


After his stint in The Bushwackers, Dave Isom co-founded The Sundowners with Peter McDonald from The Mulga Bill's Bicycle Band in 1977. They played Australian folk music and recorded their first album "Colonial Classics" in the early 80s. Released by Hammard in 1981 it was a compilation of famous Australian bush ballads. The LP was subsequently re-released on CD and most of the tracks have appeared on other aussie folk compilations. Not long after first album release The Sundowners split. Remaining band member Mick Slocum put together a new group and recorded 'The Great Aussie Bush Party' in 1985.


Tony Hunt (fiddle), Peter Keown, Bob Hugo, Peter McDonald (recorder, accordion)
Dave Isom (vocals, guitar) Mick Slocum (vocals, accordion, harmonica) Greg Martin (drums, guitar) Mark Russell (fiddle) Brendan O'Shea (bass)

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