Thursday, 10 May 2018


David Virgin was born in North Dublin on 14 January 1962. At the age of seven he emigrated to Australia with his family. In 1978, at the age of 16, Virgin formed his first band The Broken Toys as bass player and main songwriter. He was joined by Peter Mullany (of Johnny Dole & The Scabs) on lead guitar, Andrew Campbell on rhythm guitar and vocals and Virgin's brother John on drums, who was later replaced by Paul Cosgrove. The Broken Toys played 60's pop inspired melodic punk in the style of The Buzzcocks and performed regularly at the Grand Hotel, Broadway, Sydney. In 1979 Virgin joined Graeme Revell, Neil Hill and guitarist Dan Rumour as bassist for the industrial noise group SPK, where he co-wrote and recorded the early 7" records "No More" and "Mekano".

The Broken Toys disbanded in '79 and shortly after that Virgin formed The Ugly Mirrors with Dan Rumour, Des Devlin and Peter McGregor. The Ugly Mirrors quickly became Sekret Sekret with the final line up including Colin Ellis on drums and Peter Mullany on second guitar who came over from Johnny Dole & The Scabs. Sekret Sekret performed and recorded for six years earning five number one singles on the Australian independent charts including the "noted underground classic New King Jack". Sekret Sekret's final line up included Ken Gormley (The Cruel Sea) on bass and James Elliot (The Cruel Sea) on drums with Des Devlin moving to share the lead guitar duties with Dan Rumour. In 1985 Sekret Sekret released their last single "Just to Love You", disbanding shortly after. Three of the members of Sekret Sekret went on to form Australian rock band The Cruel Sea with singer Tex Perkins.

In 1984 Virgin recorded and released a split single with Leonard Samperi titled "Possession/Give It Up" through Waterfront Records. The single was co-produced and engineered by Clive Shakespeare of Australian pop, rock group Sherbet who also engineered a number of Sekret Sekret singles including "Girl With a White Stick/Chimes" and "Just To Love You/Waterbirds". In 1991 Virgin reunited with SPK and Sekret Sekret band-mate Dan Rumour to record the David Virgin solo album "Landlord Green" before touring Europe in 1992. Since then Virgin has maintained a presence on the underground music scenes of Europe and Australia recording five more solo albums; "No Fun Sessions", "Dublin 7", "Rock N Roll Meditations", "Posing As A Sodomite," and "International Treasure". He also recorded a second album with Dan Rumour in 2004 titled "Virgin & Rumour". Over his live career Virgin has shared the stage with musicians and acts such as Nick Cave, John Cooper Clark, Jonathan Richman, Mary Black, INXS, The Church, The Triffids, The Go Betweens, Cat Power, Lloyd Cole, Billy Bragg and Tim Freedman. David Virgin now lives in Dublin, Ireland and continues to write, record and perform.



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