Tuesday, 29 May 2018


The Poles were formed in Brisbane in 1978. The band were inspired to take up music by The Saints, and took it from there themselves, to become another slant on the Brisbane sound. They were probably best described as "a wonderful slice of modern pop halfway between the Shadows and the Saints. The single "Over and Beyond/Ha Ha Ha", one of the 500 individually screen-printed 45s is the band's sole release from April, 1981.The band moved to Sydney in November 1979, and played alongside the Laughing Clowns on numerous occasions at the Metropole; and shared bills with the likes of the Sunnyboys. They disbanded in 1982.


Scott Bolland (vocals) Mick Tate (guitar) Joe Borkowski (bass) Dave Tyrer (guitar)
Andrew MacLennan (drums) Scott Stone (guitar) 



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