Saturday, 25 March 2017


Joel Silbersher has been part of the Australian music scene since the mid eighties when he wrote one of the greatest songs ever at the age of 15 with his band God. The band had a minor but enduring hit with "My Pal," a song written by Silbersher. Since its release in 1988, "My Pal" has been covered by bands such as Dinosaur Jr, Magic Dirt, Violent Soho, Bonnie Prince Billy, and Peabody. At the closing of Melbourne's Tote Hotel, Silbersher and The Drones played "My Pal" as the very last song. God went on to release two LP's but had split by 1989.While members went onto other projects like Bored and The Powder Monkeys, Joel formed Hoss and quickly started releasing new music. In '95 he formed Tendrils with Charlie Owen from the Beasts of Bourbon and went on release two albums in the mid to late 90's. He has also worked with Tex Perkins and The Dirty Three.  He has recorded as a solo artist, releasing the album 'Greasy Lens' on King Crab Records in October 2002.

Silbersher has appeared on many records, particularly Darkhorses and Murray Paterson's Headland albums, but has barely released anything of his own in the last decade. Occasional seven inches by Hoss and Joel have popped up, the most recent being 'Time to Go' by Hoss and 'No Teeth' by Joel Silbersher.. The second solo Silbersher album "I came as soon as I heard' is due soon as is HOSS' 'A Shooter's sandwich" album, their first in 17 years. Silbersher is the singing voice of Glenn Robbins' lead singer character in the reward-winning 'elderly boyband' spoof 'Boytown' He claims it is the best job he'd ever had.



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