Tuesday, 9 May 2017


Giraffes Casino originated in Cronulla NSW in the 1990's. They released their first album 'Born in an RSL' in 1993. The band has now rebirthed in the Illawarra . Whilst keeping many old classics like ''Suburban Smoko'' and ''Temple Doors'', the Casino has a whole new generation of music which retains their quirky rock sound and humorous lyrics and a wide spectrum of topics is covered in their songs like pirate ships and broken down carnivals. They write melodies about large drunk animals and sniffer dogs and sing about world issue harmonies like Asteroids, Hurricanes and odd politics.

The following best describes Giraffes Casino: one cup of heavily ground Iron Maiden, 2/3 cup of sweetened Jethro Tull, four tablespoons of Black Sabbath, six teaspoons of Midnight Oil, all baked at 500 degrees for 90 minutes in Frank Zappa's Oven. In 2008 they released their second album 'Kites of Hurricane'.


Tommy Spillane (bass, vocals), Jeffro Petersen (guitar, vocals), Peter Graham (drums, vocals)

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