Friday, 13 October 2017


The Provost Brothers (Barry and Bruce) came from Grafton NSW. Natural entertainers, the pair made their mark on the Australian music scene, as well as Australian television, starting with a regular live spot on radio 2GF in the 1950s, performing live with requests for listeners. And while many younger Australians may not immediately recognise them by name, The Provost Brothers will no doubt be remembered best for their now infamous jingle written and performed for The Leyland Brothers series, "Ask the Leyland Brothers". The brothers moved to Newcastle in 1958, where they raised their families and became regular faces on television, appearing alongside the legendary Johnny O'Keefe on 6 O'clock Rock, as well as performing regularly on Bandstand and many other TV shows in the 1960s. They were offered to tour America alongside the Bee Gees but decided not to. They still perform shows from time to time.

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