Saturday, 21 April 2018


Ian Paulin is a singer-songwriter from Ulverstone who started performing his own material in concerts around Tasmania in 1970. He has taken part in TV and radio programmes in most capital cities. Ian's first album 'Glebe Hotel Inviation' was recorded in 1975 on the local Candle label. The band he formed after the first album won the first prize in The Battle Of The Bands in Hobart in 1976 and they supported Ariel on their Tasmanian tour. He later became involved with the Tasmanian Wilderness Society writing protest songs against the damming of The Franklin River.

Ian's work has brought him to share the road with the homeless, at risk and marginalized people, heroes and fools, the best and the worst of souls. He's campaigned for peace, sung to save the wilderness and searched for any way to share a road with any who need. Activist, environmentalist and campaigner for justice and the release of people from poverty. Fun, passionate, yet clear and relevant whether poetry or prose, live performance or through his recordings something actually happens.

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