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Formerly known as Fat Daddy who were signed to the Bootleg label and released two singles in 1976. The first single ''Roll Daddy Roll'' was a no-nonsense-straight-ahead boogie piece followed by the rockin' ''Fat Funky Rock n Roll''. The band later merged with Ken Murdoch (ex Taste) and became Texas. Texas were pretty big on the live scene from 1976-79 and released a few singles and an album in a rockin’ bluesy ZZ Top style. They also appeared on Countdown.


Max Vella (guitar/vocals/harp), Mick Stillo (bass), Carl Stanley (drums), Tony Catz (guitar/vocals), 
Ken Murdoch (guitar, keyboards)

Thursday, 23 September 2021


1960s Sydney wild rock band The Creatures morphed into The Chocolate in 1968. The Creatures were something of a sensation with their assortment of coloured hair at a time when moderate long hair was just becoming acceptable. They released a couple of singles attaining cult status with a big following. 

When they moved to Melbourne and renamed themselves The Chocolate they added Randall Bourchier on keyboards. Managed by David Flint they gigged at all the main Melbourne disco venues like the Thumping Tum, Garrison and The Catcher. The band also did a rooftop gig at Myers with The Masters Apprentices. The band did occasional interviews leading to articles in the weekly rock magazine Go-Set and they appeared on TV  – Fred Bear’s Breakfast A Go-Go, and the Saturday morning music show, Uptight. 

The band recorded one single on the Festival label, ''It's Been A Long Time Coming/I'm An Animal'' in 1969. Soon after lead-guitarist Greg ''Sleepy'' Lawrie left Chocolate to form Carson County Band and was replaced by Mick Diggles. Eventually the band folded in 1970 with Diggles and Bourchier joining Luntch and Herman Marcic moving back to Sydney to join Toby Jug. Keith Matcham died in 1982


Keith Matcham (vocals), Herman Marcic (bass), Randall Bourchier (keyboards), 
Rudolph Marcic (drums), Mick Diggles (guitar), Greg ''Sleepy'' Lawrie (guitar)


Randall Bourchier

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Seminal punk rock band Examplehead formed in 1985 and was active until 1990. Signed to Aberrant Records they released two albums, 'aheadofstyle' and 'Powertools' and contributed a track ''No Reason'' to the various artists EP 'Trousers In Action'. They played at popular Sydney venues like French's Tavern and the Civic Hotel. The band reformed in 2020 minus Greg Gardner who died in 2017.


Greg Gardner (vocals), Jason Matheson (bass), Terry Van Stee (drums), Lionel Gardner (guitar)

Monday, 23 August 2021


Perth band Breakaway was formed in the late 60s with the lineup of Peter Robbins on vocals, Ernie Rampellini on guitar, Joe Coci on keyboards, Eddy Podgorny on bass and David Waters on drums. They were popular on the Perth pub scene and built up a good following. In 1970 Paul Musson (ex Bacchus) would produce their first single ''Ra Ta Ta Ta'' on the Tasmanian label Van Diemen.

In 1974 saw a lineup change with Podgorny and Rampellini being replaced by Ray Van Ross (ex Bazaar) and John Lemin (ex The Troupadors) respectively. Soon after Reg Carson replaced Peter Robbins and the band would move to the east coast and join Ivan Dayman's Swinger Circuit. Dayman signed them to his Sunshine label and they cut a couple of singles, ''God Give Us Strength/I Don't Why'' and ''Love/Country Boy''. Interestingly they brought back Robbins to sing on ''God Give Us Strength. Both singles went nowhere and they returned to Perth at the end of 1975. The band recorded one more track in 1976 on the Indigo label ''My Girl/Gold'' and appeared on ABC's Countdown but again they saw no chart success. Breakaway went through a few more lineup changes, conducted another tour east before calling it a day in 1978.


Peter Robbins (vocals), Ernie Rampellini (guitar), Joe Coci (keyboards), Eddy Podgorny (bass),
David Walters (drums), Ray Van Ross (vocals/bass), John Lemin (guitar), Reg Carson (vocals),
Dennis Broad (vocals), Steve Ramm (bass), Bob Anderson (bass), Ray Wood (drums), 
Peter Nelson (guitar), Paul Reynolds (bass), Richard McDonald (keyboards), Dave Dunn (drums)

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Sharon O'Brien was born in Sydney in 1943 and began studying music at the age of five with piano and classical ballet tuition. These studies continued for twelve years and somewhere along the way Sharon managed to find time to matriculate from Sydney Girls High School as well as appearing in amateur concerts and variety shows.

In September 1961 Sharon auditioned at ATN 7 and as a result of the audition appeared on Teen Time in the New Faces contest and was awarded a contract with the Pye label where she recorded two singles. Her reputation as a performer was greatly enhanced by numerous TV appearances on Teen Time, The Johnny O'Keefe Show, Sing Sing Sing, Revue '62, The Delo and Daly Show, Bandstand as well as variety shows in Adelaide and Brisbane. As a result she signed a contract with Amalgamated Talent Services (ATS) and in no time at all Sharon was launched on a career that led to a recording contract with CBS. On that label three singles and a EP were released. She retired from the business when she got married and subsequently got pregnant.

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The Jet Set with this lineup were the house band at the Bexley North Hotel from around 1965 to 1967. They recorded one album 'On Your Mark...Jet Set, Go-Go' for CBS in 1966 produced by Sven Libaek. The band appeared on many Sydney TV shows and concerts. Teina Millar also recorded on CBS as a solo artist. After they disbanded guitarist Noel Quinlan went on to compose scores for over 40 films and documentaries, including the ground breaking Australian feature, The Man From Hong Kong starring George Lazenby. Their album was re-released by Spanish label A Shot Of Rhythm & Blues in 2002.


Billy Hucker (keyboards), Alan Gilbert (drums), Dave Taylor (bass), Noel Quinlan (guitar/vocals), 
Teina Millar (vocals).

Thursday, 8 July 2021



Sydney-based Box The Jesuit formed in October 1986 from the ashes of underground angst merchants Madroom featuring the infamous duo of violinist/percussionist Susie Beauchamp and entertainer and showman, singer and guitarist, Goose – who would strut on stage, fall down, gesture maniacally, grin and roll his eyes like an ecstatic psychotic let loose amongst an audience. Other members of the initial lineup was Patrick Kavanagh on guitar, Philip Clifford on bass and Chris Baker on drums.

The band had a reputation for energetic live performances full of glitz and innuendo, dynamic lighting, explosions (if the budget permitted), and loud, bass-heavy, inspiring noise with a lyrical and musical emphasis on that source of all life and creative force – sexual activity. In fact, sexual obsession was one of the more distinctive themes of Box The Jesuit lyrics. They released their first album, 'Punch Out That Looney Sappy Tune' (1989) followed by 'Murdercycle (1990) both on Timberyard Records. In January 1992 Box the Jesuit supported Nirvana at the inauguaral Big Day Out.

The band went through many lineup changes throughout its lifetime. They released one final album, 'Guide Dogs For The Spiritually Impaired' on their own Kosmik Ganda label. Sadly Goose died on 1 August 1993 following a long battle with lymphoma after it's release.


Goose [Stephen Gray] (vocals, sampler), Susie Beauchamp (violin), Phillip Clifford (bass),
Patrick Kavanagh (guitar/sax), Rhino (drums), Chris Baker (drums), Stuart Olsen (drums),
John Murphy (drums), Neal Merchant (drums), Nathan "Natt" Keating (drums), Adrielle Spence (bass), Paul Wonderlick [Paul Stothard] (guitar, organ)

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Music composer Peter Best was born on October 18, 1943 in Adelaide. In the mid 60s he released some singles on the Columbia label as a solo artist and he also wrote songs for pop band The Pogs, husband and wife team Anne and Johnny Hawker, Young Talent Time star Debbie Byrne and solo artist Tony Shepp. Moving into film and television scores in the early 70s, his body of work includes The Adventures of Barry McKenzie (1972), Barry McKenzie Holds His Own (1974), End Play (1976), The Picture Show Man (1977), We of the Never Never (1982), Goodbye Paradise (1983), Bliss (1985), Crocodile Dundee (1986) plus many more. 

Saturday, 3 July 2021


Godnose was formed as a three-piece hardcore punk band by Ben Jones (ex-Blowhard, Pangaea) on guitar, vocals, trumpet and percussion in Brisbane in 1995. Godnose was an early proposed name for vitamin C used by its discoverer Albert Szent-Györgyi, prior to learning its structure. For their second album, 'Odessa' (1999) Jones was joined by Dave Atkins on drums and Jane Prindable on bass guitar and vocals. During the late 1990s and early 2000s Godnose were a dark, progressive metal group. In March 2001 they returned to live shows after a year's hiatus with Sean replacing Atkins on drums and Matt (ex-Knaw) on bass guitar.

During 2001 Jones was joined by Greg on bass guitar and vocals and Lindsay Beasley on drums. In February 2002 the group supported Australian punk band Frenzal Rhomb and Japanese punk band Softball at the Waterloo Hotel, Brisbane. Claire Obst joined on lead vocals (ex-Razel drummer) for their fourth studio album, 'Seaside Intensity Vortex' (2004). Justin Donnelly of Skinnys Music felt the group, "has the basis of some really different elements, but is put together without any regards for the overall picture, making the band sound eclectic purely for the sake of it." 

Godnose have played at domestic festivals such as Overcranked II Metalfest (2002) Sydney Hardcore Superbowl (1997) 4ZZZFM Market Day (1996, 1997, 1999) and Big Day Out (Qld 1999). They had a support slot at Austrian death metal group Pungent Stench's appearance at the Gershwin Room, St Kilda in February 2005. By mid-2006 Godnose had developed a thrashier, punkier sound. Their next album, with Obst, 'Drive Home the Stakes', appeared in August 2007. By that time they had toured Europe twice. 


Ben Jones (guitar, vocals, trumpet, percussion), Stan (drums), Jane Prindable (vocals, bass),
Brian (bass), Dave Atkins (drums), Sean (drums), Lindsay Beasley (drums), 
Greg (bass), Claire Obst (vocals)

Sunday, 13 June 2021



In 1970 after finishing in Sydney's rock musical Hair, Keith Glass (ex Cam-Pact) returned to Melbourne and formed country rock group, Sundown, with bassist Mark Barnes (ex-Cam-Pact); Broderick Smith on lead vocals and harmonica, Kerryn Tolhurst on guitar; (both ex-Adderley Smith Blues Band) and Barry Windley on drums (ex Chessmen, Cherokees, Quinn). The band managed to score a residency a few nights a week at the Garrison in Prahran. Unfortunately the group was short-lived and they only released one single, "This Country of Mine/Outback Dan" on the Image label in June 1972, before disbanding. The track was written by Glass and was later recorded by Slim Dusty. Smith would join Carson and Tolhurst would move to Greg Quill's Country Radio.


Broderick Smith (vocals/harmonica), Keith Glass (vocals/guitar), Mark Barnes (bass),
Kerryn Tolhurst (guitar), Barry Windley (drums)

Tuesday, 8 June 2021



The Anyones (also known as The Everyones in the United States), are an alternative rock band from Melbourne. They began in 1995 when brothers Stephen and Malcolm Pinkerton joined with high school friend Nick Murphy and started writing and rehearsing in Melbourne using the name They Live. The band sought to utilize Mal's ability on the cello and recorded their first EP 'Dont' in 1996 accentuating a guitar/cello blend. Mal had recorded cello parts for seminal Melbourne band The Underground Lovers which happened to include Nick Murphy's cousin Phillipa Nihill. Since Mal played both cello and guitar, the band recruited Adrian Gardner in 1996 from the band Mineral to help with guitar when Mal played cello. The band would eventually eliminate the cello from live performance and concentrate on a two to three guitar sound. In 1999 The Anyones would recruit Rohan Brooks from the same band to fulfill drum duties while Stephen Pinkerton transitioned from drums/vocal to a lead vocal role.

In 1996 Mal Pinkerton joined with Things of Stone and Wood as a guitarist/cellist and began an Australia wide tour. The Anyones secured a support slot, and foreshadowed a long run of stints as opening act. Between 1997 and 1999 The Anyones recorded and released 3 EP/singles, "The Fraidies", "Keep Walkin" and "Are you Ready?". The song "Are you Ready?" featured guitar work by Midnight Oil guitarist Martin Rotsey. In 1998 The Anyones appeared as the house band for Recovery, a Saturday morning music program on the ABC. The band performed as house band on RMITV's The Loft Live Episode 12 of Season 8 April 13, 2000 broadcast on Channel 31 Melbourne. 

In the winter of 1999 The Anyones entered the 'HotHouse studio of former Kids in the Kitchen bassist Craig Harnath, to record their first album 'Loneride'r. After initial recording sessions they hired Greg Wales to re-record and mix the main singles, ''Orange Bubblegum'', ''Seeds'' and ''Trigger''. The band released the album independently in 2000 and toured it to Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. The album would be nominated that year for an ARIA award for Best Rock Album. In 2000 they were invited on the strength of this album to play at the Livid festival in Brisbane, and the Homebake festival in Sydney. They would play the Livid festival again in 2003.

After touring Australia with the likes of The Fauves, MotorAce, Machine Gun Fellatio and Snout, The Anyones signed a multi album deal with Shock Records in 2001. In 2002, the band hired Paul McKercher to mix a self-titled album 'The Anyones'. The album was released in 2003 and was promoted with an Australian tour with 78 Saab. In 2004 fellow Melbourne band Jet asked The Anyones to support them on their first headline tour of the United States, and the band secured a North American distribution deal with TeePee Records. Unfortunately for the band, they were threatened legally by Los Angeles band Anyone over copyrights to the name. The Anyones relented and were known to U.S. audiences as The Everyones.

The brothers Pinkerton later formed The Ronson Hangup with Ash Naylor from Even, while Nick Murphy formed a band called "Shylo". Rohan Brooks went on to form Rudely Interrupted, one of the world's most unusual rock acts currently touring.


Mal Pinkerton (guitar/cello), Steve Pinkerton (vocals/drums), Adrian Gardner (guitar), 
Nick Murphy (bass), Rohan Brooks (drums)


The Anyones - Wikipedia

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David Burnett and Lee Cutelle had worked together for many years in the music industry prior to forming Beaut. This included cutting a single, ''I Can See The Colours Of A Butterfly/Love Is A Million Miles Away'' in 1969 as duo Dave 'N' Lee on the Festival label produced by Pat Aulton. Wanting to move into the teenybopper power pop scene they added bassist Gordon Harran and drummer Mick Kelly in 1973.

Starting out as Avery Lane they entered in TV show New Faces. The band came second and with it came a name change to Beaut after a magazine of the time.  Beaut appeared on Countdown, Sound Unlimited, the Ernie Sigley Show, The Super Flying Fun Show and several TV telethons. They also supported The Bay City Rollers on their Australian tour of 1976. The band was signed by Festival and recorded two singles on the Infinity imprint, ''Goodbye Judy/Paper Chains'' (1976) and ''Why Baby Why?/Over And Out'' (1977). Both singles bombed and with new wave invading the charts the band morphed into the tougher sounding Branded, who also released a single on Infinity ''You Been Branded/Generation Breakout'' (1978).


David Burnett (vocals/guitar), Lee Cutelle (guitar), Gordon Harran (bass), Mick Kelly (drums)

Sunday, 23 May 2021



The Saints were a loose group of gigging musicians who went into the Coogee Bay Hotel as the house band around 1962-1965. Working seven shows a week the concept of rock in a hotel lounge was a novel and successful idea at the time, and featured regular acts like The Bee Gees, Delltones, Digger Revell, Lucky Starr, Dig Richards, Rob E G, and many many more. The band also featured many of the best female singers in the business.

During this time the band was looking for a new sound and they hit upon the idea of ski music. People were flocking to the snow each winter and the band figured these same people were just waiting for music that could form the soundtrack to their holidays. For several months they experimented until they finally emerged with the album 'Ski with The Saints'. Produced by celebrated CBS Records in-house producer Sven Libaek, the album captured the smooth sounds of a cool winter at Thredbo or Mt Buller. It was music with the excitement of a black diamond run or the warmth of an open fire at the end of the day.

Along with the album, CBS also released an EP and a few singles recorded by the band. The Saints appeared on many TV shows and at live concerts. Their tune “White Midnight” was the station ID for Channel 10 in Sydney for many years. Noel Quinlan departed the band in 1965 to be replaced by future Ayres Rock guitarist Jimmy Doyle. Noel Quinlan went on to compose scores for over 40 films and documentaries, including the ground breaking Australian feature, The Man From Hong Kong starring George Lazenby.


Brian Myers (piano), Peter Cole (bass), George Thornton (drums/vibes),
Noel Quinlan (guitar /vocals/harmonica), Jimmy Doyle (guitar)


Noel Quinlan

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Upon the demise of the Sydney indie outfit Front End Loader, bassist Richard Corey and drummer Peter Kostic got together with guitarist Greg Hitchcock (ex You Am I) and front man Ian Underwood (ex Kryptonics ) in 1994. Assembled as the power-pop outfit Challenger 7, the group released a six track EP 'Morris' before the group even played their first show, but after only three gigs the band split. Underwood assembled a second version of the band adding drummer Marty Doo (ex Glide) and bassist Dan Bell (The Scruffs). Challenger 7's follow-up EP, 'The Great Slump Forward', came out in 1996. Adding guitarist Stewie Cunningham (ex Brother Brick, Asteroid B612 ) in 1997, Challenger 7 were a rocking four piece that delivered trashy, but meaningful slices of power pop and who developed into one of the country's most powerful live acts. They released the album 'Payola' in 2000 on Tomboy Records. The band has featured on several compilations world wide.


Ian Underwood (vocals/guitar), Dan Bell (bass), Marty Doo (drums),
Stewart Cunningham (guitar/vocals)

Wednesday, 28 April 2021



The Dominoes were a vocal group from Melbourne who recorded ''John Henry(He's Got A Mighty Note)/Two Brothers'' on the W&G label in 1961. The Dominoes performed regularly on Graham Kennedy’s In Melbourne Tonight as well as appearing on various shows on Channel 7 such as The Bert Newton Show and other variety shows on the ABC. The Dominoes were renowned for their incredible jazz harmonies under the guidance of legendary jazz pianist Ron Rosenburg.


Neil Upfield (vocals/drums), Des Jolley (vocals), Kevin Kidney (vocals/bass) 
Kevin Jolley (vocals/guitar)

Thursday, 22 April 2021



The John Reed Club was an indie rock band formed in Sydney in 1996 by James Roden (vocals, bass), Cameron Emerson-Elliot (guitar, vocals), Peter Lusty (guitar) and Richard Weinman (drums). Prior to the band’s formation, Roden played in a number of local bands in Canberra including The Smart and The Morticians, the latter of which also included Lusty. Moving to Sydney, the duo eventually linked up with Emerson-Elliot and Weinman to form The John Reed Club.

Playing shows around Australia, the band attracted music industry attention with their brash live shows. The seven inch ''Destroyer'' single saw a release in late 1997. It was the first title released by Ivy League Records, in which Lusty is a partner. A deal with major label EMI Music Australia followed and The John Reed Club released the EP 'Death Metal' in 1998. It was also around this time that the band performed the track ''Stamp Duty'' on ABC TV music programme Recovery. Their performance was later included on the show's 20th anniversary CD/DVD box set.

In their short life, The John Reed Club also contributed a version of ''Seen Your Video'' to the compilation 'I'm in Love... With That Song', a tribute album to American band The Replacements.
Weinman left The John Reed Club in late-1998, being replaced by Shane Melder of fellow Sydney-based, Canberra transplants Sidewinder. In 1998, the band played the annual Homebake festival.

After releasing 'Death Metal', the band toured Australia. Demos were recorded for an album but acrimony within the group lead to The John Reed Club splitting in December 1998. Following the band’s break up, Roden formed The City Lights, releasing three studio albums between 2004 and 2012, before announcing their split in 2014. Emerson-Elliot joined Sydney indie rock band Youth Group in 2004, reuniting him with former schoolmate Toby Martin. Youth Group had a national #1 hit with ''Forever Young'' in 2006. Lusty stepped away from playing music to focus on being one of three partners in the Ivy League Records label and the Winterman & Goldstein band management agency.


James Roden (vocals, bass), Cameron Emerson-Elliot (guitar, vocals), Peter Lusty (guitar), 
Richard Weinman (drums),  Shane Melder (drums)


The John Reed Club (band) - EverybodyWiki Bios & Wiki

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The Pogs were formed in Sydney in the mid 60s by future Aunty Jack/Cool Bananas member Rory O’Donaghue. Other members were drummer Paul Brownlow, bassist Roco Bellantonio and rhythm guitarist Nino Bellantonio. The band played on the lucrative Sydney Northshore party circuit and became the house band at the University of Sydney’s Architectural revues. Signed to the Leedon label The Pogs recorded four singles over the next 12 months but all failed to attract much attention. The singles were all written and produced by Pete Best who later contributed to such films as The Adventures of Barry McKenzie (1972), Barry McKenzie Holds His Own (1974), End Play (1976), The Picture Show Man (1977), We of the Never Never (1982), Goodbye Paradise (1983), Bliss (1985), Crocodile Dundee (1986) plus a few more. 

In 1967, The Pogs recruited organist Graeme Thompson and lost bassist Nino (who went on to further his architectural career). Thompson was then drafted into the Australian Army and was replaced by Bruce Hadden. Drummer Paul Brownlow also left to concentrate on his electrical business and he was replaced by Greg "Max" MacManus. The Pogs changed their name to Oak Apple Day and released two singles ''No Face, No Name, No Number'' on the Phillips label and and ''Moon Shot'' on the RCA label in 1969; however, the change of name didn’t result in a change in the group’s fortunes. In 1972 they disbanded and O'Donaghue would join the cast of  ABC television sketch comedy series The Aunty Jack Show. O'Donaghue died in 2017.


Rory O’Donaghue (vocals/guitar), Paul Brownlow (drums), Roco Bellantonio (bass),
Nino Bellantonio (guitar), Graeme Thompson (keyboards/bass), Bruce Hadden (bass), Greg McManus (drums)

Tuesday, 6 April 2021



Glenrowan was a short-lived band formed in the mid 70s out of Melbourne. Most of the members had come out of the folk/rock band Myriad led by husband and wife Carrl and Janie Myriad. Signed to the Wizard label they recorded one single, ''On The Run/Riding On A Breeze'' in 1974. There was talk of putting an album together but they broke up not long after. McDermott would go on to join John Paul Young's All Stars, McNally would move to Stylus and Murphy would play on Renee Geyer's second album 'Its a Man's Man's World' (1974).


Dallas McDermott (vocals/bass), Steve Murphy (guitar), Phil Smith (vocals/drums),
Sam McNally (keyboards), Perry Johnston (drums)

Monday, 29 March 2021



In 1998, following Hoodoo Gurus' split, Dave Faulkner formed a new band Antenna, collaborating with long-time friend Kim Salmon (The Cheap Nasties, The Manikins, The Scientists, Beasts of Bourbon); Justin Frew and Stuart McCarthy (both of Southend) were the band's other members. Antenna recorded an album (between April and August 1998), and then made their live debut at the Telstra Concert of the Century/Mushroom 25th anniversary in November 1998. The concert coincided with the release of the band's debut single "Come on Spring" and album Installation. Guest performers on the album included Matt Thomas (The Mavis's) on "All Rise", and Chrissie Amphlett (Divinyls), on "Divine". "Come on Spring" reached #81 on the national charts. Antenna appeared on the 1999 Big Day Out tour but disbanded soon after.


Kim Salmon (vocals, guitar), Dave Faulkner (vocals, guitar), Stuart McCarthy (keyboards), 
Justin Frew (bass)


Come on Spring

20 SEP '98



Dave Faulkner (musician) - Wikipedia

Thursday, 4 March 2021


Rock band the Fendermen was formed in Melbourne in 1961 with drummer Frank Burns (Ronnie Burns older brother), bassist Ray Houston and guitarists Frank Brent and John Cosgrove. Houston, Brent and Cosgrove had all been members of The Bluejays that recorded on the Crest label. The Fendermen gigged at lots of Melbourne venues, packing out dance floors at places like Legget’s and Palais de Dance. 

The Fendermen also had a residency on popular television show, In Melbourne Tonight, where the pressure was on. Frank Burns recalls ''IMT was filmed at Channel Nine in Bendigo Street in Richmond, and was hosted by Graham Kennedy. If that wasn't enough, I spotted Billy Hyde sitting in the wings on our first night. Needless to say, it added a bit of pressure, as we were on air. I just put my head down and played. I knew Billy very well.'' 1968 saw the Fendermen move to a long running residency at the Dorset Gardens working with and supporting a long list of international acts.

In 1970 they backed Merv Benton on his final recordings for W&G after recovering from his throat problems. The album had a country flavour and was released as 'Great Country Songs (Movin' On)'. This is a now something of a rarity, but several tracks were included on the Canetoad CD compilation 'Great Shakin' Fever'. Sometime in the 70s Houston and Burns departed to be replaced by Gavin Grace and Gordon Pendleton. The band cut one EP in 1974, 'Dorset Gardens Present The Fendermen' on the Cumquat label and then disbanded. The original band reunited for a one off gig in 2011 to celebrate 50 years since they were formed.


John Cosgrove (vocals/guitar), Ray Houston (bass), Frank Brent (vocals/guitar), Frank Burns (drums), Gavin Grace (bass), Gordon Pendleton (drums)

Monday, 22 February 2021



The Stray Dags a feminist post-punk band with reggae and ska influences was formed in Sydney in the late 70s. The bands first gig was at the Toucan Cafe in Glebe with a few songs including ''Jenny the Jillaroo'' and ''Elsie Blues'', about Elsie women's refuge. During these early years, the Dags played regular Thursday nights at the Sussex Hotel and monthly rent dances to support the Women's Warehouse at the Haymarket. They also toured Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Melbourne. The Dags performed at Frock Rock in 1982, a Sydney Festival women's music event at the Sydney Town Hall and Petersham Town Hall with women's bands from Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne.

In 1983 they released an album 'Lemons Alive!', which featured a range of lesbian-feminist songs, including ''Het Jungle'', ''Avon Calling'' and ''Rude Girls''. The album went to number one in the independent album charts. Both the single ''Self Attack'' and the album were well supported by 2JJ and community radio. They disbanded in 1984 but have done the odd reunion gig since. Chris Burke died in 2016.


Tina Harris (vocals/guitar), Chris Burke (drums), Celeste Howden (bass), 
Mystery Carnage (vocals/percussion) Ludo McFerran (sax)

Sunday, 31 January 2021



The Lee-Dalls were a short-lived Melbourne rock n roll band formed in 1960. The band played regularly at the Coburg Town Hall and during this time they managed to secure a record deal with the W&G label. In 1961 they recorded a single ''Storm'' backed by Kushan''. Both instrumental tracks were composed by lead guitarist Lee Dalli who came to Australia from Malta when he was four and received his first guitar when he was 16. The band's vocalist Colin Buckley recorded his first single ''Love Bug Blues'' with The Lee-Dalls backing him. The band didn't last much longer after 1962. Buckley would go on to have a moderately successful career recording on the RCA label.


Colin Buckley (vocals), Lee Dalli (guitar), Les Fellows (guitar), Barry Phillips (drums),
Mike Rodhouse (bass), Bob Nicholson (piano)

Friday, 22 January 2021


Punk band H-Block 101 was formed in the mid 90s by Karl Mautner out of Melbourne. Mautner decided the only way to find proper bandmates was to put up ads in local indie record stores Missing Link and Au-go-go Records looking for people to start a “Clash/Damned/Anti-Nowhere League sounding band” . Karl found himself with only a couple of applicants. In amongst them was drummer Dave Culliford (“a guy who knew just about everything there was about ‘77 punk”), and guitarist Brent Millhouse. While the initial line-up wouldn’t even last out a few weeks the basis of H-Block 101 was in place.

Despite a few more line-up changes and the occasional blow-up, eventually H-Block’s settled with Karl Mautner on vocals/guitar, Dave Culliford on drums, Rick Munro on guitar and Jason Mahony on bass. The band undertook their first live gig a mere month after forming at an inner-city pub, with only three original tracks and covers of The Clash, The Dammed and The Only Ones thrown in for good measure. A few months later the four-piece recorded their debut album 'New Inventions' at Thunderfield Studios, releasing 500 copies in late 1995.

A year later saw independent album number two, 'No Room For Apathy' with the lineup of Mautner, Munro, Millhouse returning on bass and Joe Piripitzi on drums (ex The Living End). The band toured New Zealand with Smut as well as headlining their own gigs here at home. In 1999 they released the 'Synergy' EP, and by this time the major labels had realised something was up and came knocking. H-Block 101 signed with Universal Music and, soon after, released the anthemic “Koka-Kolonisation” single (with new drummer Matt Bodiam)– which immediately became a favourite with Triple J listeners. Heading across the nation as support to Grinspoon and doing shows alongside Groove Terminator, H-Block 101 made their major label debut with the hard-hitting 'Burning With The Times' with legendary producer Steve James (The Clash, Sex Pisols) at the helm. Disbanding in 2005 H-Block 101 recorded six EP's, three albums and appeared on numerous compilations.


Brent Millhouse (guitar/bass), Karl Mautner (vocals/guitar), Matt Bodiam (drums), Rick Munro (guitar)
Dave Culliford (drums), Jason Mahony (bass), Joe Piripitzi (drums)


H-BLOCK 101 » IMC - International Music Concepts (imcmusic.net)

Tuesday, 12 January 2021



Billy Burton was born in London in 1932. His father spent many years with the famous Joe Loss Band touring overseas countries under the ENSA banner (Entertainment Of National Servicemen Abroad) entertaining mainly the troops on the continent. Whilst his father was touring his mother set to work at the Barrage Balloon Factory at Manchester leaving Billy with his sister in Staffordshire. On hearing of the bombing in Manchester at the height of WW2 Billy was naturally concerned about his mother's welfare and decided to move there with the help of friends and family. After two years living in Manchester Billy joined the RAF when he became of age. 

His return to London saw him as lead trumpeter with the Ambrose Orchestra. This led to greater experience in many other well known bands including those of Frank Weir, Oscar Rabin, Eric Delaney, Cyril Stapleton and Joe Loss. Burton played lead trumpet on the soundtrack to the movie The Key (1958) starring William Holden and Sophia Loren. During August 1958 after five years of non-stop touring he emigrated to Australia and joined the Bob Gibson Orchestra. In 1962 fellow countryman Eric Jupp hit the shores of Australia and began a radio and television program featuring Billy Burton. His other TV appearances included: Sing Sing Sing, Studio A, Bobby Limb's Sound Of Music and he was the featured soloist with Eric Cook and his orchestra on the ABC. Burton formed his own band called The Billy Burton Seven who appeared regularly on ABC's Jazz Club and Six O'Clock Rock. 

Burton was signed to the Festival label and his first album 'The Billy Burton Brass' (1966) earned him the coveted DIGMO Award for Best Australian Instrumental. A single was lifted off the album '' Lara's Theme From Doctor Zhivago" followed by an EP. His follow up release was 'Polished Brass'. In total Burton recorded nine albums.

In 1965 he signed a contract with Denis Wong as resident band leader at Chequers night club supporting international acts like Kay Stevens, Leslie Uggams, Bobby Rydell, Dusty Springfield, Tony Bennett, Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey and Neil Sedaka to name a few. He also featured on the theme tune, ''My City of Sydney'', for The Tommy Leonetti Show in which he was the bandleader for the show. At the time of writing Billy is still playing trumpet at 87. 

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John Archer, Doug Falconer and Mark Seymour met as residential students of Ormond College at the University of Melbourne in the late 1970s. Seymour is the older brother of Nick Seymour, later the bass guitarist for Crowded House. In 1978 with Robert Miles (sound engineer) Archer, Falconer and Seymour formed a casual band, The Schnorts (named for a Belgian tennis racket). They played cover versions of 1960s songs, including "To Sir, with Love". Their lead singer, Margot O'Neill, was a journalist on radio 3RRR program, Talking Headlines. A more ambitious band, The Jetsonnes, followed in September 1979, with the addition of Ray Tosti-Gueira on guitar and backing vocals.

According to music journalist, Clinton Walker, The Jetsonnes had a "clever post-punk pop sound was lighter, bouncier (rather than funkier) and more infectious than other like-minded bands". Their only released track was "Newspaper" which was one side of a gig give away split single in June 1980 with "Miniskirts in Moscow" by fellow pop group, International Exiles, as the other. The band gigged around Melbourne most notably at the South Yarra Arms on the corner of Toorak Road and Chapel Street and Hearts in Carlton. By September that year The Jetsonnes had disbanded but Archer, Falconer, Miles, Seymour and Tosti-Gueira decided to continue with new members, Geoff Crosby on keyboards and Greg Perano (ex-True Wheels) on percussion to form a new band Hunters and Collectors.


Margot O'Neill (vocals), Mark Seymour (guitar), Ray Tosti-Gueira (guitar), John Archer (bass),
Doug Falconer (drums)