Tuesday 10 September 2013


Pop-psych group Clapham Junction formed in 1968 and for a while ran its own nightclub called the Union Jack in Sydney. Several members originally hailed from the U.K., and they took their name from Britain’s busiest railway station. Original personnel consisted of Dennis Loughlin (vocals), Derek Lewis (guitar), Peter Noble (bass) and David Mills (drums). The band gigged regularly in the city and in regional places like Newcastle and Tamworth. In early 1969, Loughlin left to form Sherbet and was replaced by two vocalists Jim Willebrant and William Mahoney. It was this lineup that released one single, the outstanding The Who influenced ''Emily On Sunday / Good Time Music'' on the Du Monde label in late 1970. Dave Mills has since died. After a long fight with cancer, Dennis Loughlin died in 2019.


Dennis Loughlin (vocals), Derek Lewis (guitar), Peter Noble (bass), David Mills (drums), 
Jim Willebrant (vocals), William Mahoney (vocals)

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