Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Formed in Perth, Western Australia in the early 60s with Jimmy Lee on bass, Lloyd Abeysekera on piano, Peter Bull on rhythm guitar, John Lemin on lead guitar and Peter Hannan on drums. The band went through many lineup changes during its tenure and had many excellent musicians pass through its ranks. The band had it all: presentation, sound, harmony and were regulars on the night club scene most notably West End, Top Hat, Chequers, Two Eyes, Pinocchios and the Waldorf. They supported The Rolling Stones in Perth in 1965. In 1969 they travelled to Singapore with singer Lynne Mather. Advertisements in the Straits Times from May 1969 show that they appeared at a number of different clubs, including The Kelong at The Cathay Hotel (‘Singapore’s finest entertainment rendezvous’), and The Moonshine Nite Club at Ocean Beach Hotel (said to be an exclusive new dine and dance spot that had just opened that month). 

They recorded on the Clarion label in the 60s and on the M7 label in the 70s. The band played the first live TV show from the Sydney Opera House in 1973, alongside Barry Crocker and Normie Rowe. The 1970s saw the group relocate to the Gold Coast where they were hugely popular and successful especially at The Playroom and the Surfers Paradise Beer Garden.  By the end of the decade some members chose to return to WA. The band reunited in 1999 with their main line-up of 1974 era. Today, The Troupadores perform only a handful of shows each year but still provide to their audience their sensational music, songs and on stage presentation. John Hossen died from heart failure in 2007. Doug Wilkinson died in 2010. Peter Bull died in 2014. Lloyd Abeysekara died in 2017.


Jimmy Lee (vocals/bass) John Parker (drums) Rick Selby (guitar), 
Lloyd Abeysekara (vocals/keyboard), Peter Nell (vocals/guitar), Peter Bull (drums), 
Rick Vandam (bass), John Gotch (drums), John Lemin (guitar), Doug Wilkinson (bass), 
Peter Hannan (drums) Graham Flintoff (guitar), Rex Bullen (keyboard), 
Peter Anderson (vocals/sax/guitar), Peter Slatter (bass), Gary Howard (drums), Bill Blissett (keyboard), Al McOwart (guitar), John Hossen (sax), Kenny Walther (vocals/keyboards), Bev Harrell (vocals), 
Bruce Coleman (vocals/keyboards)

Big Boat

13 MAY '67#76
Keep on Truckin'

17 APR '72#97
By the Devil (I Was Tempted)

16 APR '73#49




  1. I am trying to locate John Hossen, old Norwood Boys Technical High School days
    and last seen when Troupadores played in Adelaide in the late 80's or early 90's
    I went to school with John.
    Fred Hiscock

    1. John Hossen died from heart failure in 2007.

  2. unfortunately and sadly John,a good friend, passed away a few years ago. I Have
    been a friend of all Troupadores members for many years. John was one of the best. Especially on sax and his theme song, I'm Just A Gigalo!

  3. What is the name of the Troubadore second form the righat end. Sue

  4. The name of the Troubadore second from right in the black and white photo above.