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Gaynor Bunning was born in Geelong. She made her singing debut at a local theatre. At the age of 11 she became a regular on Melbourne radio station 3DBs Swallows Juniors. With a solid grounding behind her as an entertainer, by 1958 she had become a regular on Melbourne TV's Channel 7 with shows like Teenage Mailbag, Fancy Free and On Board The Southern Cross.

In 1960 Gaynor went on to score a recording contract with W&G Records. She released a cover version of Edith Piaf's ''Milord''. The single became the locally successful version of the song. By this stage the vivacious blonde had gained herself a reputation as Victoria's number one sex symbol. With good looks and talent prevailing, Gaynor went on to record local composer Walter Edwards' ''My First Love And Last Love'' which became her biggest hit. Her next single was another Edwards composition, ''It's All Over Now''. Although she produced no further hits, Gaynor retained both her appeal and interest in singing and continued to appear on many TV shows including Sunnyside Up, Bandstand, The Bobby Limb Mobil Show, Moors the Merrier, Adelaide Tonight, The Ray Taylor Show, The Penthouse Club and In Melbourne Tonight appearing in comedy sketches with Bert Newton and Pat Carroll. She also performed with friend Anne Wills on cruise ships. Gaynor died from dementia in 2021.


7 JAN '61#60
My First Love and Last Love

17 JUN '61#22
Is it All Over Now?

11 NOV '61#27


Noel McGrath



  1. I believe Gaynor married and is now living in Queensland... think her married name may be White? read it somewhere. Any information on her would be good. Play some of her music on my radio program from time to time. Lyn (asyoufindme@hotmail.com

  2. Hi Lyn, You have it mostly correct your information on Mum (actually my mother-in-law) but we don't like the term, so it is Mum or Mummy.
    Mum married Graham Whyte and is still living in South East Queensland.
    She has two sons - Peter 53 yo (my husband of 30 years) and Bradley 50 yo.
    Mum continued on with her singing through out her life at every opportunity.
    Many a venue or restaurant and the likes she would please the proprietor and patrons alike by breaking into song at random with her favourite songs like Sweet Georgia Brown which was a huge crowd pleaser.
    To this day she loves to sing still.
    She has remained married to Graham/Dad and they are the perfect mates and friends, soul mates for sure if you believe in that sort of thing.
    Dad has always been a doting husband giving gifts on occasions and always bringing flowers home from his morning runs/walks.
    What a full life Mum has had.
    Mum and Dad ran a huge European Fashion Importing business p to their recent retirement at Mum 82 years of age.
    They saw the world, eating at the most exclusive restaurants, seeing places I am sure Pete my husband will follow in their foot steps as we always have been.
    We holiday with them regularly and have a ball, full of laughter as family and best friends.
    Mum has had the best life and couldn't have asked for more, now at 82 as at today 05/12/2020 is gradually quietening down, but it is hard to keep a good woman down.
    I will keep updating if there is anything new to update.
    To all of Gaynor Bunning's fans there is a Facebook and social media page being set up as we speak which anyone is welcome to comment, leave photos they have on.
    To the good ole days,
    Peter and Catherine Whyte

  3. I remember you Peter Whyte and your brother Bradley you lived on Mingara Avenue in the 70's i used to come over and play i am Jody Jezukaitis nee Hoskins with my borther Bradly Hoskins

  4. Hi
    I saw news on the 3DB radio page that Gaynor unfortunately passed away on 8/1/21. My condolences to the family.

  5. Thank You Lyn and Jody and to all of Gaynor's many fans that she has still today. Gaynor lived a full, exciting life with her husband Graham Whyte. Yes she died of Dementia, a horrible disease but did in the end die peacefully in her sleep. She will be dreadfully missed by all her family, Her husband Graham living still, her eldest son; Peter and Wife Catherine, younger Son; Bradley and his Wife Tiffany and Dearest Friend and Sister-In-Law Sandy Bunning and partner Jill. Gaynor has her own Facebook page now and you may Google many different sites to continue to hear and read about Gaynor's full, exciting, lustrous career that continued through out her entire life. Gaynor never stopped singing, she sung to all, anyone who would listen. At lunches and dinners or at home Gaynor would break into song at any given moment giving great pleasure to Family, Friends and Other Guests/Patrons/Proprietors alike. I can't say how much Gaynor was loved and how much she shall be missed. Like all things in life, you carry on and concentrate on the living. Continue on with the memories you have. Celebrate not mourn or cry the Life that was Gaynor. A joy, Wonder and Elegance Gaynor carried herself with life and in her passing. So please do not be sad anyone who reads this, but celebrate with us Gaynor's life. It was the best life. A life most people could only dream of. A life worth celebrating. God Bless Gaynor, we shall wait for Gaynor's return, which shall no doubt be in the form of the next rising entertainer and singing star. Whatever your beliefs, do not mourn but be happy you experienced such a star in her time. Blessings, Peter and Catherine Whyte

  6. Peter & Catherine, what a lovely, moving tribute to Gaynor, a very talented and caring lady. I'm sure Gaynor's spirit and love of music will return in a new singing star who will give lots of pleasure to many people, just as Gaynor did.

  7. Good bless and keep you now with John forever remembered